Doula services.

Consult Call.


- 45 to 60 minutes.

- Discussing anything on your mind about your pregnancy, birth or postpartum.

- Being seen and heard by a third party who knows the birth world.

- Discussing your options on possible provider concerns or transfers.

- Want to feel prepared for what lies ahead.

- Learning options on your prenatal and postpartum support.

- Seriously anything you want to talk about.

Village Prenatal.
-1st and 3rd Saturday each month
- 10 AM
- About two hours
- Ask any questions you have about your pregnancy/birth/postpartum
- Connect with other Mothers
- Create community/build your village
- Hear feedback from other women
- Come only when you feel called, no commitment required
- Hear other womens questions, possibly something you hadn't thought to ask
- Space to be held during your pregnancy
Doula Support.
Prenatal Visits.

- Forming a connection.

- At least two visits, the more the better.

- Answer any questions you have about your pregnancy, birth or postpartum.

- Discussing hopes and dreams for your birth.

On Call.

​- Basically always

- Will be in town close to your due date.

- ALWAYS available for phone calls/texting/emails.


- Will join you when you call.

- No hourly language.

- Holds space as a friend, sister, birth keeper.

- Help with position changes.

- Suggest/help with comfort measures.

Postpartum Visits.

- At least two in person.

- Answer any questions about your birth.

- Answer/talk about new life with baby.

- Answer any questions about your postpartum.