1. Prenatal Visits.


I don't think these visits should be limited to just two during our doula/pregnant parent relationship. What I loved most about my doula experience when pregnant was seeing our doula many times over the course of my pregnancy.

I'm going to be at your birth. So I want us to be familiar with each other. I aim to see you once a month from the time you hire me, maybe twice depending on if its closer to around seven months that we start our relationship!


I love meeting up to chat and catch up about your pregnancy, to start developing our sister/friend connection so we can have a well established dynamic when it comes time to be at your birth.

2. On Call.

Two to three weeks before and after your expected due date, I will be on call for you. This means: Call me ANYTIME. It is never too late at night, and it is never a bad time. 

Feel like labor is starting at Two AM? Call me. Unsure if this is labor starting? Call me. Feeling anxious about labor starting? Call me. 

You get the picture.

3. Labor.


This includes early labor, as well as your birth, or course! I join you when you need me, either at home or at the birth cent/hospital. I help with comfort measures, such as touch, position change and engaging partner to help with labor coping techniques too.

We can use a Rebozo to help support your belly, touch on your shoulders and arms during contractions, affirmations to encourage and empower you that you can do this!

(To name a few options.)

Sometimes me showing up to a labor means that the partner can finally take a breath for themselves, which is valuable towards helping you in labor and for them to be able to give you their all.

4. Postpartum Visits.


Of these, I offer the same amount as my prenatal visits: however many you want. At these appointments, we will discuss how you feel, both emotionally and physically, as well as process some of your birth experience. The first visit happens three or four days after birth (usually once your milk has come in and hormones roller coaster a little), and then however many more visits after, as you need.

(If you're looking for postpartum doula support, we can discuss that as its a separate thing!)

Its important to talk about how you're feeling! With all the hormones that have left your body, and the new ones coming in, there are bound to be mood changes. These feelings are normal and natural. Discussing how you feel will also alert you, your partner and even me that something might be a little off, and we will be able to find help.

Your body has also just gone through a lot! So embrace the changes, and be mindful of what is happening. Being candid with me about what all you notice will again help you feel normal and if anything is amiss, we will be able to identify it.



Marissa Peterson
Bellingham, WA