Doula services.

Birth Story Medicine

Free while Training!

- 30 to 45 minutes.

- Chose a moment from your birth that is unresolved/traumatic.

- A good way to prepare for an upcoming birth or help to heal from a past event that still bothers you today.

- While training, these sessions will be recorded to help me hone this craft. They can be via Zoom or by Phone.

- While I am training in being a Birth Story Listener, these sessions are free, or at a donation of however much you want via Venmo.

Doula Support.
Prenatal Visits.

- Forming a connection.

- At least six visits; the more the better.

- Answer any questions you have about your pregnancy, birth and postpartum.

- Discussing hopes and dreams for your birth.

- Discussing fears and blocks concerning birth.

On Call.

​- Basically always

- Will be in town close to your due date.

- ALWAYS available for phone calls/texting/emails.


- Will join you when you call/need me.

- No hourly language.

- Holds space as a friend, sister, birth keeper.

- Help with position changes.

- Suggest/help with comfort measures.

- Witnessing you during your sublime labor.

- Holding space as you are in labor.

Postpartum Visits.

- At least two in person visits.

- Answer any questions/debrief about your birth.

- Answer/talk about new life with baby.

- Answer any questions about your postpartum.

- Sit with you as a fellow Mother and Sister.