Your Due Date!

Updated: Jun 17, 2019

Some people will tell you that your due date is just an estimate of when baby will be born.

Pish posh. The day your medical provider gives you is law! That will for sure be the day your babe is brought to dry land. Mark this day on your calendar and then tell everyone to text you on this day to congratulate you on your new baby.

Everyone who has their baby before or after their due date was clearly told the wrong day, am I right? Don't use those providers. They have an agenda and want your birth to fall into statistics to "prove" their point.


Now, lets be realistic. Okay? Only about five percent of people go into labor ON THEIR DUE DATE. What providers should really say is that you have a due month. Or a due window of time. We focus so hard on that due date. Everyone focuses on our due date. And then when we go past? Oh sheesh. It's almost made to seem like our bodies are failing. Like we have done something wrong. What could be taking so long? The baby is done cooking. (The baby isn't a literal bun in the oven. They aren't cooking...)

Friends and family are excited. Could they be more excited than you? No. Will you just NOT tell people the baby was born? No. And if you don't, who cares. Not their baby.

When your due date starts to approach, maybe send out a mass text telling people not to ask you if the baby was born. Go for a date with your partner on your due date, so that you have something tangible to look forward to! Make plans with a friend to get lunch or go for a walk or something. Expecting a baby on this day only causes anxiety and anticipation followed, generally, but a let down; no baby, still very pregnant.

Your due date isn't the exact day baby will be born. This is a date that your provider gives you based on the day of your last period, or if you absolutely know the date of conception. Your body isn't failing if you go to forty weeks. Or forty one. Or forty two. Or forty three. Everyone wants to meet their baby. But your due just a day. Not law.

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