Your Doula

I love being a doula. Obviously.

I think there is a lot that a doula offers that their clients just don't know they can utilize. Maybe I'm not doing the most excellent job of outlining my support, or, more likely, people don't want to bother me with things.


Marissa, the Simply Natural Doula!

No. When I say I'm your doula, I mean I'm your doula from the day you hire me, til awhile after you give birth. I want to hear how your appointments went, or if you read something scary because you looked up a symptom you're having. I want you to call me in the middle of the night if you feel like labor is starting, or your water broke.

I want you to call me when you need me. When you truly need me. Not when your contractions are exactly four minutes apart and you're headed to your place of birth. If that is when you need me, then fine. But if you feel like, wow, I need some more support right now, then call me! You hired me to be there for you, and I want to be there with you!

When you birth your baby, and have feelings of loneliness because now all the visitors have gone, and you need someone to talk to, call me! I can even probably come and be with you for a bit. At the least, a phone call or text can be nice and reassuring. Just because the baby has been born, does not stop me from being your doula.

I am not a postpartum doula (yet!) but I can still lend an ear, and do more than one postpartum visit after baby is born. Its really what you decide you need, and I meet you there.

Please, please, please! Be in touch with me! Even if its just to say "my appointment went well today!" or, "this baby is so active!". I'm part of your support, and am never bothered by being in touch. Ever.

We on the same page now?!

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