You dont NEED me, but you WANT me.

Updated: May 2, 2019

What? Why would I, a doula, say you dont need me for your birth?

The truth is, my pregnant friend, that you dont NEED me. You are going to birth your baby. I am not the solution to the perfect birth, the most positive birth, the most empowering birth.

But I'm also not...not...the solution.

Confused? Me too. Lets start over.

You are going to birth your baby, with or without me. Having a doula during pregnancy can help ease your fears or anxieties around your pregnancy and labor. Having someone who knows the birth world to talk to and support you emotionally with unbiased support can be really affirming. Being lied to, or condescended to, or told harsh truths meant to scare you by friends, acquaintances, or social media is not exactly what everyone needs during their pregnancy. A doula can enhance your information intake. Again, I can help ease fears and anxieties.

A doula can also be a great ear for listening to your excitement! Or your plans and dreams! There is no judgement. No motives to my support. It is unbiased.

During labor, we often enter "laborland". Right? We've all heard this term. Often, our partners haven't seen us in such an altered state. Without a doula, your partner can be reassured by nurses or OB's/Midwives. They might fall naturally into their roll and not need any help. Having a doula can be beneficial just to reassure you both that things are unfolding naturally. My job is solely to support you both. I have no clinical duties, no other matters or clients to look after. YOU. Are. My. Focus. That can be one of the most beneficial aspects of a doula.

I want to support you. I've chosen this line of work because I think pregnant people deserve unbiased support and encouragement. You deserve someone who will listen to you, and who you can ask questions. Who can hold your birth space for you. Who can help you be more comfortable.

You can do this. No matter how you choose to labor, or who you choose to be there. You got this.

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