Toddlers, Am I right?

Tornadoes have been on a rise ever since a single tornado, developed in 2015, was joined by a smaller, but equally as destructive tornado, in 2017.

Ground zero for the tornadoes isn't just a site for destruction of property, but destruction to the inhabitants psyche as well.

I spoke with a couple who is currently living with this environmental anomaly. Here's a snippet of our interview.

Man: I used to come home from work and make dinner with my wife, having a conversation with music in the background, or sometimes a show. Now I come home and not only is my wife frantic, but we are taking cover from debris flying all around us, and piercing winds. We barely hear each other. Is there an end to this? No one seems to know...

Woman: I find myself cleaning during the day, picking up clothes and toys and other odds and ends just to get back to a clean looking house. By the time I finish picking up one room, and go into another, the mess not only is back, but worse. I cant live like this. How did this happen to me? I feel insane. No one told us it'd be like this when we moved here...

Man: We thought the single tornado was bad, but then the second one came, and we realized that one is manageable. Two...two is something else. They almost feed off each other. Its really something.

Woman: There's this really peaceful time, like in the eye of the storm, right? And we get this beautiful moment, and I think, nature is amazing, truly amazing. But then we have to come out the other side. Sometimes the tornadoes aren't so bad. But, you know. At least we don't have pets to worry about. Haha...

As far as this couple can tell, they'll have to endure these tornadoes for some time. Perhaps...15 more years? They aren't sure how the tornadoes will change; will they become worse or less frequent? Perhaps they'll become more mild but more frequent? Only time will tell.

If you have a toddler, you know what I'm talking about, right?

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