Toddler Underpants: They should all be gender neutral

I have two toddlers. Both are potty trained. I was so excited to be out of diapers with my daughter, and to buy her some cute underpants. I went to target and got some for her; one pack was Dinosaurs, and the other was Super heroines. Perfect.

Tell me why they all give her wedgies, are hip huggers, and dont necessarily give her full crotch coverage?

Plus, they are all very girly. All have some element of pink. Or sparkles. Or girly things. Any Sesame Street underpants in the girl section are Elmo and Abby Cadabby. Even the cute dino underpants are pinks and purples. Just...why?

Maybe we haven't tried a ton of brands, but then there's the style element; why do little girl underpants mimic those of adult women underwear? Low rise, hip huggers.

I've basically resigned to letting her wear her brothers underpants. They don't ride her little butt, they go high enough that when she bends over you cant see her butt crack, and she has full coverage in her crotch. It could be that I need to order underwear online; Tiny Undies seems to have the right idea, they are just expensive. Though, maybe that's the way to go.

Are there other people who have noticed this? Am I teaching her that its fashion over function at such an early age? I don't want to condition her so soon...or, at all for that matter. Already she'd rather go commando than wear her cute underpants.

What a strange message to be sending to our daughters. That sometimes its okay to wear something pseudo attractive. That even if its not comfortable, its cute so just get used to it. To put them in a box of, "you only get really girly things because you're a girl". To put her in a box at such an early age, makes me feel...wrong.

I know that kid underwear have characters on them, and other things toddlers like, but why do they all have to be so specific to gender? If they want Toy Story underpants and are a girl, it shouldn't be their only option is Bo Peep, or Jessie. If they are a boy, their option for Aladdin underpants shouldn't only be the Genie and Aladdin. You know?

Anyways. Just what I think. What about you?

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