Thoughts on: Childbirth Education

Updated: Dec 2, 2021

I think one of the most important benefits of taking a childbirth education class is having your partner and you siting in a room, talking about birthing a baby.

The sights, sounds, smells of labor.

Because often, we dont talk about that with our partners. OR, if we do, its in the context of "Me? Poop while in labor? As if", or "I might...I dont know, go to the bathroom while in labor...anyways..."

But sitting down with someone, taking time out of your day for a class for a few weeks, opens these doors up.

Birth is intimate. Its intimate because we're bringing forth this beautiful creation, something you made, into this world. Its intimate because we sweat, cry, laugh, grunt, puke, poop, etc. in front of someone you, realistically, dont do all of that with in one go.

A childbirth class helps to show your partner how amazingly powerful you will be during your labor. They will see, and you will see.

A childbirth class helps prepare both of you for what labor has in store for you. Maybe not EXACTLY how class describes it, but within the same world.

I love walking with people during classes. To answer questions, to help them dig a little deeper, to take some of the shock/fear of the unknown away from their amazing day.

We can all give birth without taking a class. But taking one?

So worth it.

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