The LOVE Hormone

Updated: Aug 18, 2020

Recently, I've seen a lot of people posting about how during labor, women can be given "oxytocin" to bring on contractions.

This is NOT oxytocin. This CANNOT be confused with pitocin.

OCYTOCIN is a hormone our body creates. It is the love hormone. And cannot be artificially created. We make it when we feel safe, when we make eye contact, when we're intimate, when we see and smell our newborn babies.

Oxytocin gets our uterus contracting. It triggers more oxytocin to be made and released, as well as endorphins, that feel good hormone, to flood our body between contractions and ready us for the next contraction. Your brain makes oxytocin, in response to your uterus making oxytocin; you've now got a positive feedback loop. Labor is looking good.

Your body, your intelligently designed body, makes/does this.

PITOCIN is given at the hospital.

Pitocin is artificially mimicking oxytocin. It makes your uterus contract, but does not stimulate your body to make oxytocin, or aid in the production of endorphins. It hinders the process. And you become, more likely than not, dependent on that pitocin, and become unable to cope with your contractions.

The stress and fear and pain kick out the oxytocin and endorphins your body so desperately needs and wants to make during labor. You're deprived of those beautifully, naturally occurring hormones to guide and ease and walk with you through labor.

So the hospital can "simulate" oxytocin in that it gets your uterus contracting. And that's all. Birth workers can tell you you'll be "given" oxytocin at the hospital, but they're wrong.

It is NOT oxytocin. It is not love. It is not natural.

Dont be fooled.

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