Social Media Probs

I check my phone all the time. For the text I haven't gotten. To the message in my DM's that hasn't arrived. To the email I think is coming but probably isn't.

And when I'm waiting, I'm scrolling. And in this scrolling, I see things that are really amazing. People spending time with their kids outdoors. Living in nature. Having very blissful pregnancies and births and postpartums.

But wait. How are you living in nature, enjoying your family, unplugging, if you're posting about it? If you're capturing it? Did you even see the moment that was so precious, if you just caught it on your phone?

Like, did you witness it with your naked, unblocked eye balls, directly into your brain? Or was it filtered with a screen...?

Fucking social media. Always making parenting seem impossible. Life seem impossible.

Stop scrolling so you can be with your family. Engage in human interactions. Be in nature. Remove the toxins. Be at one with yourself and listen to within.

And all this is being screamed and guilted to us through those social media platforms.

What a paradox.

I don't have anything really to add, or suggestions to make. I'm just observing.

Living in this weird shame and guilt and judgment like many other parents. And wondering, what do I even do? My "within" is looking up at me like "um...idunno?" and shruggin' her shoulders.

I hate social media/screen time, but I cant seem leave it. At least not easily. I try, but feel like then I truly am alone. That there's no connection at all without it.

Anyone else?

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