Sharing Birth Stories

I love sharing my birth stories with people. I usually wont, unless I can tell that people will actually listen to my story. Not out of obligation, or because they cant get away from me. I've had people tell me that all they hear are birth stories, and that's just not their life right now. So, I wont engage those people with my own experiences. Its doing us BOTH a favor, right?

But I think sharing our stories, especially, ESPECIALLY our stories in our local communities, is really important. If we hear stories about someones birth at a hospital, maybe it will encourage us to look more into a midwife attended birth. Or even to birth intuitively on our own. Maybe hearing about a birth with a certain midwife will encourage us to explore our options of other local midwives instead of going with the number one google search, or what our one friend told us. Maybe hearing a positive story of a hospital birth might affirm our choices to birth in a hospital. Maybe we will find a community of like minded people who wont shame or exclude us based on these nine months and the decisions we made.

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Sometimes, we don't know our options, because we think birth is done one way:

"Birth is done in a hospital."

"Birth is done at home."

"Birth is done with a midwife."

There are so many options, everyone!

Hearing stories from birthing people here, in Whatcom County, can help us make decisions about what we want, to create a sense of community. And you know what, I think birth is lacking community. We don't usually know other pregnant people while we are pregnant. Our care is generally individual. We don't seek out our peers for questions we have during pregnancy, and when we do, are usually met with hostility or some pretty strong opinions. Right? That's been my understanding.

And. Its. Really. Discouraging.

So maybe, maybe if I, Marissa of Simply Natural Doula Services, start a podcast with my lovely friend Veronica, of Branches and Roots Doula Services, maybe we will start a dialog with the birthing people in Whatcom County, and help establish a support network, or friendships among people during this incredibly beautiful, hard, empowering and all consuming time. If we tell our stories without putting a sheen on them, and tell them how we truly feel, maybe our stories will have an impact and help people decide what support they want during their pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. Maybe they will bring people together, so that we don't feel so...alone.

Don't you think?

If you've had a baby here (at home, free standing birth center or hospital), and want to share your story on our podcast, please please please send me an email or phone call to get it set up. We'd love to have you and hear you. [:

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