Save a dollar, reduce waste.

How easy are zip lock baggies, right? So easy. Buy the little box, put your lunch or snacks or leftovers in them, and boop. You're done.

Except, now when you eat everything out of the bag, it just goes to the garbage. Ugh.

What about reusable bags!? Yes! That's awesome. Get some silicone bags online, they're a little expensive, but at least they aren't garbage! You put some snacks in these, left overs in some others. What happens when you put something really strong smelling in them? Now one is just for onions? Or tomato sauce? Did something mold in them and now it's weird to reuse?

I guess they go into the...garbage? How does silicone degrade? Does it even? Is it worse than just zip lock baggies?

Okay okay. Here's where I'm going with this whole blog. I LOVE to use glass jars as containers. And guess what? They. Are. Free. Because I buy tomato sauce in a glass jar, and wow, now I can reuse it! Coconut oil in a glass jar? Excellent, save it and use it as a cup. Little yogurts that come in glass jars? Toddler cups! Adams peanut butter jars? Holy cow yeah! (I've used these as extra water when going places instead of defaulting to the provided plastic water bottles.) Buy food in the bulk section at the grocery store and now you have cute glass jars to store it in! Hooray!

Glass can be broken down and remade into other glass a zillion times over. Not to mention no plastic residue or chemicals that seep into your food and then later consumed by loved ones.

Sure its a little heavy when you tote around a homemade lunch, but...oh well? And yes, glass breaks. We've had our share of breakages in this household, but we sweep it up and put it in the recycle. Vacuum the area just to make sure, and go about our day. We're teaching our kids to be careful, and not carefree when handling glass, and the bigger they get, the fewer breakages we have.

Glass containers are expensive when you're looking at buying them in traditional sizes, but why cant most leftovers or food items go into a jar?! They can. That's the answer.

I love reducing our plastic footprint. Its important to me. And really, something that every is capable of doing! Save a few jars, and don't buy the zip lock baggies. Maybe you'll surprise yourself.

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