Prenatal Yoga

Today as I was trying to get a little yoga in (my son playing with Legos under me, and my daughter feeding me the cashews I gave her as her pre-lunch snack) I remembered how I got started doing yoga, and why I love it.

Don't get me wrong, I am no experienced yogi. I started with prenatal yoga during my first pregnancy. I watched youtube videos and it was so wonderful.

Doing yoga at home, in my underwear and baggy shirt, just me and my belly, was so relaxing and yet awakening at the same time. Prenatal yoga has so many benefits and checks so many boxes.

1. Work out.

2. Builds strength, flexibility and endurance. All vital to the laboring (and parenting!) journey.

3. Promotes better sleep.

4. Reduces stress and anxiety. (Also important for parenting!)

5. Connects you with baby.

6. Offers physical and emotional balance.

There are other benefits, of course; these are just a few! I highly recommend looking into taking a class or practicing in your home with a good video. Your body, mind and baby will thank you. [:

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