Pregnant People CAN Do Things

When I was pregnant with our first, I worked a retail job. It wasn't full time, but I put in about thirty hours a week. I was moving furniture, climbing ladders, lifting things and working the early morning shipment shift. I loved it.

But you know what I didn't love? When I people would be shocked I was still lifting, moving, know, doing anything. This was my normal. This was my job, so, why would I all of a sudden stop?

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I listened to my body (a seemingly foreign concept to many people), and when I got tired, I sat down for a minute. When I felt I couldn't safely move something, I didn't. When I no longer felt okay climbing a ladder to put a dining chair up for storage, I didn't do it. I knew what I could do. Why should anyone else tell me otherwise? Like they know my body better than me?

Clearly, everyone knew my body better than me. I heard it from customers and coworkers, from family and friends.

"Be careful!"

"Are you sure you should do that?"

"Wow, you're still doing all this and you're pregnant?"

Becoming pregnant and still using your body is not wrong. Pregnant people are not all of a sudden unable to do anything demanding. We can lift our hands above our heads (Yes, I was told not to by a few people...just what?) and we can know what our own bodies are capable of. If you don't agree, maybe really evaluate why you're so upset about it. Were you told not to do anything strenuous? Were you doted on your whole pregnancy, and think others should be too? Whatever your reason, you probably don't need to tell every pregnant person you see. They've already heard it, and are making the best choices for themselves. And you know what, maybe they can't stop doing their strenuous job because they need the income. Maybe they love going for hikes and dont want to let that go until they absolutely, if at all, have to stop. Continue your life!

Its not for you to know, and them to tell.

I'm not advocating for pregnant people to all of a sudden start doing what they haven't before. If you weren't a runner, its probably not a great time to train for a marathon. If you didn't have a physically demanding job before, maybe don't start doing on. OR. Ask your provider what they think, and really, listen to yourself. Do you feel comfortable and safe doing what you're doing?

Don't stop living life just because you're growing one. You know?

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