Pregnancy and Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic care is extremely safe and healthy during pregnancy. It helps your body realign and function better, especially when it comes to the pelvis, facilitating an easier, faster labor.

Sometimes baby’s instincts in the womb don't match the layout of the birthing person's body, and with chiropractic care, the body can be realigned to help baby reposition for a more comfortable pregnancy and labor. Past trauma, injury or an accumulation of stress can be the cause of the body's misalignments, torque and tension; subluxations.

The Webster Technique is meant to enhance normal pelvic function throughout ones pregnancy. It is performed by a chiropractor who adjusts the sacral ligaments as the pregnant parent lies on their belly, then turning to their back and having their uterine ligaments and anterior pelvic structures released. This technique is great for parents whose baby is in the breech position, but also, when started earlier in pregnancy, allows the body to give baby every chance to be in the optimal position.

Of course, everyone should listen within themselves to see how they feel about certain types of care, but trying a non invasive/medical treatment designed to fix the core problem not the symptoms first, could help open the pathways to a more non medicalized pregnancy and birth. [:

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