Postpartum Expectations: Part One

During pregnancy, many people focus solely on labor and birth. They want their birth day to go smoothly and to feel empowered in themselves and their ability to bring life into the world. Most people will attend a childbirth education class to prepare themselves, and during class the postpartum period will be touched on, but many parents do not fully grasp what this period will bring. (And really, how can you until you're actually living it?)

The postpartum period starts after baby and placenta are born. The pregnant person has a rush of hormones and love for a new being that they didn’t know they could feel, and the hours of labor they experienced are completely back burner as they bond with their baby. But bringing baby home isn’t as simple as bringing baby home; you need to physically recover, emotionally recover, figure out your relationship dynamic with your partner all while finding the balance in your new role as parent. Strap yourself in for the postpartum ride!

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