Placenta Consumption: Yay or Nay?

Up until today, I thought that consuming your placenta via pills or even just raw, was a good thing. I hadn't really done any research on it, and assumed that because so many people offer the service, that it was probably an established activity with some studies and benefits behind it.

Today, however, I read an article that basically says placenta consumption is not so beneficial. The article goes on to say that consuming your placenta can actually lower your milk supply. For so many moms, myself included, we become obsessed with our breastfeeding journey. "Is my baby getting enough milk?", "How do I know they are getting enough?", "What can I eat to produce quality, well rounded milk?" are some common thoughts, but there are a zillion other things we worry over.

The article is part of a web page; and there is more to the sight than just placenta consumption leading to lower milk supply in some women. Definitely check it out, and be informed! As parents, we want to do what is best for our babies, and ourselves. I believe that as long as we are informed, we can make the best decisions for our family. Be this consuming our placentas or not. Just be informed.

What have YOU done regarding your placenta, and what were the benefits you saw, and experienced? What were some disadvantages? I would love to hear peoples experiences were. [:

Forever supportive,

Simply Natural Doula

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