Pelvic Floor Therapy

I've been wanting to look into pelvic floor therapy, not just for myself, but to look around the options here in Bellingham, WA to refer my clients to.

Today I reached out to Connect NW Physical Therapy, and I'm glad I did, but wish I would have sooner. I did make an appointment, but they are booked until June! Woof. Thats a long time to wait. BUT. Its okay. I know I'm taking care of my body by making this appointment.

My advice to anyone even just thinking about it, would be make the appointment. Then, if you want, you can cancel. I dont know if its typical for them to be so booked up, but, just make the call. I'm really excited to start PT. [:

Stay tuned til June, and I'll let you know what its like, and how I love it! (Or not. But, I really think I'm going to love it. haha.)

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