Parent Panic, right?

Have you ever done the thing, where you have your newborn baby, the baby you grew for however many months, and you're so proud and want to share them with the world, but not really because they're yours, but also yes a little bit, so you relinquish your sweet demanding babe to someone else that you really/need want a break from, and as you hand that babe to someone, or they reach for it, you really just want them back, but you feel...bad? asking for the baby, the baby you grew and birthed, and is yours to protect and care for, asking for them back? And instead you just don't do anything.

Has that ever been you?

Have you ever been at the store, and you can see a stranger start to lean in to touch your baby, be it on the hand or foot or cheek? And you just don't do anything.

Has that ever been you?

Maybe its that you do want to do something, but you're almost stuck in this crippling shock of knowing that your gut is right, and that you don't like what you see, and its not necessarily harmful, but you don't like it. Its this weird guilt you have of, I don't know, wanting not to seem like an over protective parent, or one who just can't let someone else "help out" or enjoy your babe.


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Its annoying. And we should stop feeling this way. I've felt it. Countless times. And always feel so mad with myself after, because why did I just let someone basically bully me into not doing what I felt was right? Or suffering through hearing your baby cry or get passed around or whatever?

Stand up for yourself!

(And its not even just new parents! Sometimes it takes the second or third kid to be like, no, this will not do.)

Wear your baby in a wrap so you just couldn't possibly give them to someone else. Or just flat out tell family and friends no; no they cannot hold the baby, especially if they start to scream or cry or reach for you or you just feel like you cant be away from them. When you see a stranger start to approach you, and start to reach for the babe, turn away, or say "excuse me, please don't touch them." Its your right as a parent. And who cares if someone else is offended? You don't have to be nasty about it, but sometimes, to get the point across, maybe...

If the thing has already happened, cause it was just too quick, then say "hey, not cool! Don't put your finger in my kids mouth!" Or "don't give my kid the toy that has been who even knows where". Or whatever ever it might be.

Stand up for you. Stand up for your baby. Don't suffer that parent panic at all, or at least without a fight.

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