One of my most Favorite Books.

The other night I finished the chapter book I was reading to my son: "The Wild Robot". We've read it before, and is one of five of chapter books I recommend to parents. (As well as one my son requests regularly.)

Tonight I picked out "The Wind in the Willows" by Kenneth Grahame, probably one of my most favorite books. I picked it up in college at the campus bookstore, and have read it and reread it probably ten times, and plan to read it more as my children grow.

Wind in the Willows, by Kenneth Grahame

Sidebar: Growing up, we had the VHS of Wind in the Willows, and I absolutely loved the story. The narrator had a beautiful soft voice, and the art was very whimsical.

So when I saw it at the bookstore, beautifully illustrated by Inga Moore in a glossy paged, full of pictures book, I had to have it.

What I adore about this book, and especially reading it to my son, is how calm, and wonderfully written it is. There really isn't a whole ton of violence in, which is refreshing. Sometimes TV shows and even other books can be so action packed, violent and rough, that reading them aloud can rile up my kiddos too much, or they begin to focus on the negative. My son especially will be drawn to the parts about killing, and the fighting, so I grow apprehensive when I'm surprised by this stuff while reading out loud.

Finding something gentle with adventure in it is really a nice reprieve! And that's what this book has, right? Adventure!! Not necessarily action, but adventure. Rat and Mole on The River together, Toad and his motorcar, Badger and the gang getting Toad mansion back from the Weasels. It's just...I don't know. I clearly have a love for this book, and could not recommend it more.

I hope you all can pick up a copy and enjoy it on your own, or even with your little ones the way I have. Reading is a constant in my family, and I'd love to share what we love, with you. [:

Drop a comment or email me to tell me what you thought of it! Hopefully it becomes dear to your heart like it has mine.

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