Nausea: Oh Joy.

Updated: Aug 7, 2019

Some know they are pregnant by a missed moon. Some know because of breast tenderness. Some know because of that amazing nausea. Nothing quite like feeling you're getting the cold going around at work, the flu your son has, or because you went shopping and didn't wash your hands afterword and you knew you should have because you saw that kid sneeze on the handle as the parent was putting the shopping cart away. Ugh.

No one likes feeling nauseous and no one likes getting actually sick from the nausea. However, this is a reality for so many pregnant people; nausea and vomiting.

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Morning sickness. "Pregnancy Nausea" would be a better name, typically occurs in the first trimester. Hooray! It can come at any time of day, and last longer than just the morning. Some experience small bursts, some half day nausea, some full day. Some only when they've let themselves get too hungry, bringing on the nausea at full force, but only because food sounds horrible and they don't want to eat, thus entering into a viscous cycle. Bleh.

(Personally, I had no nausea with my first. It was bliss. Then my second I had some, enough to make me feel like, what is happening? This third time around, I'm usually nauseous all day long, especially when I don't eat from lack of nothing sounding good/not wanting to make another meal besides what I've just made the toddlers, that didn't smell or look good in the first place!)

Normally, nausea is just a nuisance. It's important, albeit hard, to remember to eat snacks throughout the day if you're feeling any nausea. Avoiding large meals usually isn't hard, but can also help with keeping nausea at bay.

Crackers and ginger and all the home remedies don't work for everyone, and sometimes its just a situation you have to...ride out. Annoying. And not what people want to hear. But. That's life.

Now, there is a type of pregnancy nausea that is super severe; hyperemesis gravidarum. If you're suspecting this, definitely talk to your provider, or even go to the hospital. Dehydration, weight loss, electrolyte imbalances are some of the side affects. However, it can completely disrupt your life, not to mention how it takes a toll on you emotionally. Partners can feel completely overwhelmed watching the person they love, newly pregnant, being so violently sick. Medication can be prescribed to help with this condition, which could be a total game changer for how your day/pregnancy unfolds. (Check this out to hear a little more about HG.)

Pregnancy is supposed to be so magical, and beautiful.Sometimes, it is. Sometimes, its not. Sometimes life is just so real, and pregnancy can surprise us. Like most things, find support among your partner, your friends, your family, your providers, your doula. Don't go through stressful situations alone! And remember to take care of yourself, even if eating a handful of almonds doesn't sound completely appetizing, it'll probably help. [:

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