(Natural) Laundry Time!

(As always, I'm an individual with my own thoughts and perspectives. I do what I think is best for my family, understanding that this might not be best for others. I am in no way a medical professional/scientist, and this is all just my thoughts and opinions, meant to sometimes challenge what others believe, and to get people thinking. Doing research of your own is encouraged when embarking on a new journey, or even consulting with your care provider. Enjoy reading my blog!)

I don't know about you all, but I've definitely jumped on the train of trying to incorporate less chemicals into my daily routine. One great way to do this is by switching up the ol' laundry routine.

Instead of using laundry detergent, I switched us over to Soap Nuts. These are really awesome, but it took me a bit to get here.

When looking for an alternative to laundry soap, I started by making some with baking soda, washing soda and castile soap. After a few loads of this, I for some reason started NOT to like it. I cant remember why. I think part of it was that some of our clothes were starting to have a funky smell. So I ditched it. On to something new!

Then I went back to laundry soap in the jug; seventh generation was alright, but again, I just wasn't feeling it. A plastic jug? Ugh. No thanks. Even a few chemicals in the soap was making me weary.

Then, I found Soap nuts! I totally love them. I feel they do the trick; they come in a nice little reusable bag, they're part of a plant, and they last a long time! I'm pretty sure I bought the brand I linked above about a year ago...or maybe two!? Its been a long time. Sometimes I add a cup of vinegar to the wash cycle just as a booster (and if someone can point me in the direction of a good amount of vinegar NOT in a plastic jug, I'd be so grateful). Soap Nuts and vinegar are very natural laundry replacements, and deserve a try!

As for the second half of the laundry process, I've been using wool dryer balls instead of dryer sheets. I made this switch a few years ago. Dryer sheets have chemicals in them, which I'd like to avoid, and dryer balls don't (not the wool ones anyways). There is also a faster dry time, your clothes last a little longer, and the balls themselves last longer. Win win win, right? Add a little essential oil to the dryer balls, like four to six drops, and your laundry is going to be smelling fresh and awesome. Lavender is my favorite smell. ;]

The downside to dryer balls is the static that can come after the clothes are dry, and the noise level. To avoid this, I've reduced the drying time and if things are still a little damp, just adding a little more time. Using many dryer balls also helps! (There is nothing to curb the noise though. Just pretend its drums and have a nice dance during this part.) I have about eight in my dryer at any given time.

And that's that folks! What is your natural laundry routine?!

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