My Evenings.

As a mom, and woman who just started her own business, its important to do things for yourself. My husband and I finally decided to take the plunge and renew our subscription to WoW. (World of Warcraft.) Now, that's our evenings. haha.

I forget how much it sucks you in. Before we had kids, we basically played in all our free time. Now we get about a two hour window at night, and that's about it! I have recently been consumed with pet battling, and one pet I want in particular is called Pebbles. Hes just a little rock elemental. So cute! But I have to do ten daily quests in order to get him. And you don't get that quest everyday. I only have two more to go, and now the game realizes I'm so close, and wont give me the quest. NooOoOOooOooOOooo!

Anyways, thats about what I've been doing, when not doing mom things, or doula things. [:

What do you do in your free time!? Anyone play WoW?!

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