My Comic Book Recommendations.

The best advice my dad ever gave me was to make sure that when payday came around to make sure that I paid myself. I would take my check to the bank, deposit it, then take out a little cash (as I only had a cash card! No debit card. Do they even do that anymore?!) and spend it at my favorite place: a local comic book shop.

I don’t know if any of you have had this experience, though I’m sure you have, but it took a few visits for the owner to take me seriously, and realize I truly loved comic books. I would ask his opinion about what to read, spend time looking around, and always come in after depositing my check. I loved that place.

Since having kids, I’ve fallen off the comic book map. So sad. Though I REALLY want to start up again! Anyone in this same boat? Or perhaps you’re just looking for a good read? Here are my top 5 comic books to try (in no particular order)!

Rat Queens:

A story about a ragtag group of females basically set in a DnD campaign. The story is full of adventure and kick ass women doing things we’d typically see men doing; epic fights, going to taverns and drinking, potty mouth language, and crude behavior. It’s refreshing to see this side of females. Give it a read!

Arsenic Lullaby:

Definitely some messed up humor. Not for the light of heart. The main character is named Voodoo Joe, and has little zombie fetuses that do his bidding. There are little sub stories within the main story that are equally as bizarre and fucked up. Do NOT read it if you’re offended by anything. DO read it if you have a darker sense of humor.

The Umbrella Academy:

WAY BETTER than the show on Netflix, this comic book is so good. The artwork is awesome, and the story is really compelling. This is a little more along the lines of a superhero comic book, if that’s your fancy; the characters have pretty sweet powers and when we see them being used its a lot of fun. Again, way better than the show. Give this a read and you’ll for sure feel the same way as me! There isn't too much adult content in it, so if you have kids who are at the reading age, they could give this a try and not be too scared. There is some blood in it, so that might deter you from letting them, so you preview it first.

Legion of Superheroes: Teenage Revolution:

What an amazing story. I read this in high school, then again in college, then again Haha. I recommend it to everyone, and at one point lent it out and didn’t get it back for a few months. This is for sure a typical superhero comic book, and the characters are all teenagers. This is a light read, and won’t offended anyone. Probably. There are two volumes, and I’ve always wished there would be more. But I don’t believe there are. If I’m wrong, let me know! I’d love to read it!


I love Mike Mignola; the way he tells a story, his artwork, and his characters. If you’re imagining the Guillermo del Toro movie, then you’re very wrong. Hellboy isn’t so much a thick headed brute, but much more calm and clear headed. One story in particular is my most favorite; The Troll Witch. That can be found in the seventh volume of the Hellboy graphic novels. Anyways, I love these. It’s hard to put “why” into words, I just do, and highly recommend it.

What are some of your favorite comic books?! I'd love to get back into this myself, and would welcome any suggestions. [:

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