Milky Hormones

Updated: Dec 2, 2021

Lets just start with, our bodies are amazing. And its almost like they're designed to sustain a pregnancy and baby.

Lets take a look at some Milky Hormones.


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This is the love hormone, the cuddle hormone, the feel good hormone, and plays a big part in milk production. Oxytocin's role in breastfeeding is to help baby get the milk they need, and quickly, by stimulating the milk ejection reflex. The more relaxed and good feeling you are, the easier milk can flow from you to baby. The more stressed and worried you are, the harder it can be to breastfeed. Take a breath. Kiss your baby. Smell your baby. Look at your baby. Take a breath, and start again. All these moments are creating oxytocin flow, and when the oxytocin is flowing, so too, will your milk. Amazing!


This is mother hormone, the milk hormone, and plays a big part in milk production. Prolactin prepares mammary glands and body for breastfeeding during pregnancy. Once baby is born, prolactin starts the milk production! Interestingly enough, prolactin's production is highest at night, so keeping up with night feeding will be really integral in making milk and keeping that supply up.

Both oxytocin and prolactin seem to be designed to make us feel good, and in love with our babies. They also seem to flow better and are created most efficiently when we aren't stressed out, and are calm/relaxed. Almost like a positive feedback loop is being initiated when we breastfeed: prolactin gets milk production set up, oxytocin gets milk to flow, nursing feels good, we bond with baby, oxytocin is created. And repeat.

Some women feel really euphoric while nursing. I've breastfed three babies, and only really noticed this sensation with my third baby. Wild! Totally an experience I wish all women could have during their own journeys.

By learning more about your body, maybe this could be your experience too. [:

*Lots of information in this blog found at NCBI on breastfeeding hormones, and from my own lived experience.

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