Listening During Labor

Laboring people "can relax and focus better if their favorite music, relaxation narration, or environmental sounds are played during labor." Not only do these things promote relaxation and focus (and boost those feel good hormones, endorphins!) but creating a labor playlist can be a bonding moment between you and your partner.

Because most things are done digitally, you can have multiple options for music during your labor! Maybe you want something upbeat and funky during early labor to help you energize, but something more mellow during active labor and transition to center you and ease tension, and then perhaps metal as you reach the pushing stage to help dig into that warrior mindset to birth that baby! Your options are endless.

You might craft a well thought-out playlist that never reaches the end due to a speedy birth, or one that ends and has to be replayed for a longer birth. The point is that you have something which supports the tone and mood of the room that 🌿you🌿 choose to labor in, that makes you feel most comfortable and safe.

Hospitals and freestanding birth centers should have speakers to play your music, but double check before you go into labor at a prenatal appointment! If you are having a home birth, make sure you're speakers work and that you'll be able to hear from other rooms if the space is bigger.

Happy listening!

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