Is Birth To Be Trusted?

Does your provider trust birth? Do you trust birth?

Does your provider trust women? Do you trust women?

Does your provider trust you? Do you trust you?


These are all really essential questions. Questions that we don't ask, but that are so so so relevant to our whole prenatal and birth and postpartum journey.

Birth works when we don't interfere. Our bodies are designed so intelligently, our babies are designed so intelligently, and there doesn't need to be much "managing". It works on its own.

The message being sent to us when we're being over managed (which, realistically, being managed at all is being "over managed") that things go wrong. The interventions, the hands on our bodies, cause a need for more interventions and more hands on our bodies.

There are times that birth needs assistance, but it isn't as common as we think.

We aren't broken. We know how to birth.


I trust birth. I trust women. I trust you. Can the same be said of your provider...?

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