I'm not the only one. I'm not.

There is this really weird phenomenon around people, and its that we don't really share. Not about things that can truly matter. Especially when its not something to sensationalize.

We think, "oh god, is this normal for a period?!" or "is this the way my breasts are supposed to look?!" or "is this normal in sex?!". Just a few examples. We worry about things, and make ourselves sick. Whats normal? What isn't? Whats attractive? What isn't?

I've done this. I truly have. So if you have too, you're not alone!

It takes hearing one other persons experience to feel more normal, like you aren't so...abnormal. To feel more at home in your own body is empowering, and enlightening.

Why don't more people tell their experiences? Why do we stay so silent about our bodies, when it can feel so good to tell a friend or sister or college something about you that maybe has been weighing on you? The other day I saw something on Facebook about breast shape. That 8 out of 10 right breasts are larger than the left. Holy cow. That's me. That's validating to hear.

Or what about when you start a conversation with "this is TMI, but..." and once you've spilled, the person you're talking to responds "my periods are the same way! Clumpy, and not only blood!" This is validating! We learn so little about our bodies in school, and unless we are actively wanting to learn about what all happens during puberty and pregnancy and birth and postpartum and menopause, then we just...don't.

And that really sucks.

I know I've felt like people have overshared, and didn't know why they chose me to tell this thing to. I look back on that and feel so shitty about it. I want to hear everything anyone wants to tell me. No one should feel embarrassed to let something go, to confide in someone else. The more we share, the more empowerment and rapture there is within ourselves as women. As people. I've been opened up to this, and I want you to, too.

So its up to us. As a community. To find safe spaces, people we feel safe with, to talk about our bodies. To normalize the female body, and the processes that take place within us.

Bodies aren't yucky! Embrace stories. You'll probably relate more than you think.

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