How do YOU move?

It can be real hard to get the energy up to want to do a workout. Believe me.

Sometimes that nausea and fatigue can really deter us. Sometimes we have toddlers who crawl all over us if we try and do something at home. Sometimes we work all day and when we get home the last thing we want to do is a workout. Sometimes conditions outside are not ideal, with the weather being too hot/too cold to make it possible to do a walk/jog. Ugh.

There are a thousand excuses not to do it. But fitting something in to get your body moving is so important! As a doula, its easy to say. As a pregnant person, its hard to actually carry out. Being both myself right now, I'm coming at this from a different perspective.

My nausea is finally coming down, and I have a little more energy. Starting a workout felt so good, and even though I was pretty tired afterward, and so sore (maybe too sore...I need to move more, apparently) I was glad I did it. Truly.

Exercising, and going for walks TOTALLY COUNT, is a great way to prepare your body for labor, and to help it during your postpartum period. Do I believe we all need to be our "pre-pregnancy size" right after birthing our babes? Fuck. No. It took you nine months to grow that little treasure, it can take at least nine more to...I don't know, get back to where you want to be. (This is a whole other topic I don't wanna get in to right now, and will write a blog about later. haha.)

BUT. I do think that the road to recovery is much easier when we've been active during our pregnancies (if we're able to be active, that is.) To help with YOUR journey, I'm going to share my most favorite videos on YouTube to do during pregnancy. Home workouts can make people feel more secure, and accessibility is much easier and more free than joining a gym/taking a class. Its just not an option for everyone. Of course, consult with your provider before doing any of them, and if it doesn't feel good/causes pain, definitely stop. Listen to your body!

1. Anna Saccone and her trainer Lucy:

I loved these with my second pregnancy (only because I didn't know about them with my first!) She has a video for each trimester, and they are all low impact. I love it.

BONUS: These lead me to Lucy's workout channel during my postpartum, and I absolutely loved doing her workouts. Please give them a look at too!

2. Jessica Smith workout with Sister:

I like doing cardio workouts, and again, this is low impact so perfect for pregnancy, especially if you aren't already someone who workouts a lot. You know? Its not super long, and I did them in both my pregnancies!

3. Prenatal Yoga with Laura Dutta:

If you like yoga, or you want to get a workout/stretch in (which is almost what yoga is, right? Haha.) then this is the video for you. Her voice is so calming, which I've found is hard to find in a yoga video. Everything flows, and isn't super fast. Just slow, and connecting with baby. I loved this to bring peace into my morning or afternoon. Again, I did this with both pregnancies, and am excited to do it with my third. [:

Let me know what your favorite videos are! Or maybe what you do to exercise, be it walking and listening to a podcast (one of my favorite ways to walk), dancing around your house with the kids, YouTube videos, yoga classes, etc. There are so many ways to get your body moving. You just gotta start!

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