Groaning Cake

After listening to a Doula podcast the other day that mentioned baking a "groaning cake", my interest was peaked. What is a groaning cake? That sounds so strange, I've never ever heard of it.

Turns out, its a cake that is meant either to be baked during early labor and eaten, or baked by someone and brought to the birthing person in the postpartum period. Apparently it is an English tradition. How cool is that?! I want to do this either with a pregnant person, or bring them one on my first postnatal visit. Here is a little article about it. Although, there are a few articles, with many different recipes. This is the recipe I liked the most though, and will try and bake first. [:

Have you ever made a groaning cake during labor?! Has anyone helped you make it, or brought you one!? Id love to hear!

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