February 14th - Valentines Day

Or, in my family, February 14 - Chocolate Day.

We LOVE Chocolate Day! We incorporate chocolate into every meal we have. haha. We haven't been great at doing this for dinner, but hopefully I can come up a fun one this year that isnt overbearingly sweet and rots all our teeth out.

Although we call it chocolate day, lots of people celebrate Valentines Day. When you're pregnant, or have a new baby at home, or lets be honest, any kids at home, it can be hard to make time for our relationships with out partners. VDay gets a lot of flack because its a crafted holiday, and, does it even mean anything when you're prompted to buy gifts or do something nice because the whole country wants you to?

Honestly, who cares? When you're dealing with the hormones of pregnancy, the weight gain that can leave some feeling self conscious, the lack of a sex drive, or any other pregnancy related hang ups, its nice to have a day where you can say "Hey, tomorrow, we are going out/staying in/avoiding our phones, all so that we can spend time together".

Or when you're newly in the postpartum, and all you've thought/talked about are baby poops, breasts, milk, lack of sleep, your no longer round belly, its nice to have a day already set in the calendar to say "Hey, lets sit next to each other, hold hands, look into each others eyes, avoid our phones, so that we can spend time together".

Or even when you're living the life where your kids are constantly interrupting you when you talk, crawling all over you, never giving you two space, always in your business, to have a day where you can say "Hey, lets go to dinner, look at each other, NOT talk about our kids, avoid our phones so that we can spend time together".

(Do you see the theme of no phones? Its not subtle. Put them away. We dont need them every second. And they only distract us from interacting with each other.)

Take this day, that we ALL KNOW, and have probably celebrated since we were old enough to send valentines, and do something with your loved one. This day is about love, right? So take advantage of it.

And maybe eat some chocolate. Its only good for our mental health.[:

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