Early Labor and How to Cope.

During early labor, there are many emotions a person can have; excitement, relief, anticipation, uncertainty, anxiety and fear. Just to name a few. Each of these are totally normal.

Trying to relax when early labor has started is key to coping with these emotions, and helps in the long run to conserve energy for when active labor starts. During early labor, remembering to still live life is important and can help the pregnant person manage some of what they are feeling; going for a walk, watching a movie, folding and putting away baby clothes, baking or cooking, other household chores, talking with their partner/family/friends and a multitude of other activities can be great ways to keep busy and prepare the body and mind for the upcoming labor. But really, whatever is normal for you, then do it!

Some people find these distractions as just that; activities distracting them from what their body is doing and working towards. Inhibiting them from experience this moment and embracing the changes and transition from maiden to mother. If this is how you feel, then look inward, and talk to baby! Sit and meditate on what is happening and how you're feeling. Connect with yourself, your body, your baby.

My main takeaway? Do what feels right. And remember that rest is great and important. This part of the road can be long and take more energy to get through than you thought. Don't rush yourself. Be understanding. Surround yourself with love.

You got this.

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