Doulas with Bias

Doulas like to tell you they have no bias. And that they're evidence based. I believe we all inherently have them.

On bias: But, dont you kind of want someone with a bias, depending on the situation?

On evidence based: And are we just giving no credit at all to traditions passed down from generation to generation; just totally discrediting ancestral knowledge?

I mean, you're hiring a doula because you want someone to support YOU. You want someone who will respect the choices you're making, and stand with you in your decision. Who sees birth the same way you do, and has the same birth philosophy.

Photo by Hannah Bruckner on Unsplash
Photo by Hannah Bruckner on Unsplash

(And also, everyone has bias. Either for or against something. Its not the end of the world. It just means you find the right doula/birth keeper for you.)

So here is my bias; its in favor of the woman giving birth.

I'm at a birth, your birth, to be there for you. You're the authority in the room, you're the woman I'm supporting and witnessing and holding space for. You matter most.

As your sister during birth, like most sisters do, I'll call out and point out the bullshit, or draw focus back to you. I wont be complicit to the system, and if I see something that I know is wrong/you don't want, I'll bring it to light.

I have no agenda, other than supporting a sister during her birth, and don't serve or placate anyone. Not the OB. Not the Midwife. Not the partner. Not whoever else attends your birth.

You are front and center.

Anyone you choose to have attended your birth should be in alignment with you and your wishes and values around birth. Not in alignment with your provider. But you.

Their bias should be in favor of you.

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