Doula Support Fee

Updated: Jan 19, 2019

Oh my. Money. People don't generally like to talk about it. I know its not my favorite subject, but when it comes to having people understand why I charge what I charge, I think its important.

A lot of people would think that a doula fee is a little steep, only for someone to come offer support during labor. Maybe they wouldn't want to hire a doula at their rate. Perhaps, though, don't look at is as you are out that money, but that someone (that's me!) has come to help you in an incredibly transformative moment in your life! Doulas are not just with you to support a baby being born, but to support the birth of parents as well, even if you already have children. You don't have THIS child.

Also to take into account is the time I am on call for you. 24/7 for two weeks before your due date, or until you go into labor; staying within an hour of where you are so that I can be with you as soon as you need me. I love the work I do, and I love supporting families during their childbearing journey, but it also takes time away from my own family, which again, is part of why my fee is what it is.

We spend money on gas to get to births, appointments and continuing education. We spend money on food during labors, parking lots at hospitals and childcare for our own babes who need to be watched. Our doula bag supplies, website fees and business taxes! All the things.

There are just lots of factors when it comes to deciding what a doulas fees are. I've come to realize recently that if I charge a low fee right off the bat, then that is what people will think I charge all the time, and not want to hire me due to a higher fee. Charging a lower fee takes away from other doulas in my area, potentially running them out of business. That's terrible. I want my birthing community to flourish with all the help and support everyone needs, not to take away from that.

We spend money everyday on little things that we think enhance our experience of life. Why not save during those nine months for support that will be invaluable in your babies life, as well as your own?

Just food for thought, readers. Food for thought, and a little explanation of a doulas fees.

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