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The other day I had a phone conversation with a woman I've never met. A good conversation; personal and professional. Someone who has been doing doula work far longer than I, but still made time in her day to give me advice.

I am so grateful for the time she spent with me, and the wisdom she imparted. I had asked a simple, small question, and she answered tenfold. How amazing is that?

When I first became a doula, and was looking at, I thought, "wow, there are a TON of doulas in Bellingham." Then I finished my training, and dove headfirst into a doula Facebook group, and wasn't met with a whole lot of enthusiasm. Maybe there just isn't as friendly a scene up here as I thought.

Now I think that what I was experiencing was some hesitancy towards a new doula, as they seem to come and go relatively quickly. People don't stick around because maybe they had an idea of what births should be, and when they were hard and raw, it turned them off. Maybe some thought this would be a hobby, but it takes time and effort to build up a client base, and that also turned them off.

The more I ask questions, and seem to really want to make my business work, the more I think I will find my place here.

Thank you, to everyone willing to help me, and make me feel like I belong.

Thank you. [:

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