Don't forget about You.

This is something I find so many parents forgetting to do. Here's what many of my mornings have looked like.

- After asking what they want, I finally start making breakfast.

- While something is cooking and I have down time, turn on the teapot.

- Get interrupted to help a kid in the bathroom.

- Get back to toast that's popped a few minutes ago.

- Stir oatmeal and get out bowls.

- Toddler yelling about getting a show on while eating breakfast.

- Turn the show on then dish up breakfast.

- Sit down with my food, then remember my tea, so I get up.

- Sit down to eat but now younger toddler is done eating.

- Let her out of her chair, for her to crawl into my lap to eat my breakfast.

- Share with her, and take a few bites myself.

When all is said and done, I sometimes don't eat until we've been awake for awhile. And when its gotten later in the morning, my appetite isn't as big, so I eat less.

Then the process starts again at snack time, and again with lunch. The kids come first right? Gotta get them everything they need and want. Toddler snacks usually aren't enough for an adult, if you even want a mini cup of goldfish and milk.

The point is, we often forget to feed ourselves, and not eating means little energy and borderline hangry. Right? We've all been here. Whether its a nursing babe or fussy toddlers. We worry about them first, then us.

And feeding ourselves doesn't always look like feeding with food. I mean feeding ourselves with reading something, watching a show, talking on the phone, something that feeds our mental well-being during the day. Does that make sense? We put our selves on the back burner when we become parents, sometimes, and we should remember that we still matter. We still need to take care of us.

So. Feed yourself today.

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