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One thing that I think is sorely lacking in so many ways is the access to free support for many different areas of life. And because I live in the birth world, I'm especially referring to the pregnancy and postpartum area.

And when there are free services, often the people putting them on end up burning out either financially and have to close down, or emotionally because they're so invested that they forget about themselves and become over worked.

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I want to be able to support people during their pregnancies, births and postpartums at free/very low cost, but because capitalism is the end all be all in American society, its hard to do.

Not impossible though.

Teaching free/donation/trade based classes feels pretty good to me, right now. If you cant pay for a class, perfect. Its a free class, and I want you to learn this information, or have a free resource to touch back with at a later time. Nothing I'm teaching should be gate kept because you cant afford it. Nothing. Pregnancy and Birth and Postpartum are in our blood. And they're ours.

If you can kick in a few dollars, also perfect. Every dollar helps. And if those who are able to donate some money when they can afford it actually DO, then they're paying it forward and strengthening our birthing community here in Whatcom.

The more support I can offer at free/low cost, the more people I can support. Either through childbirth classes or birth support (and one day, postpartum support). And the more people within this community that help me achieve this dream, the more I'm able to fill my own cup and not become over stretched both financially and emotionally.

Give back to your community. Invest in the welfare of those pregnant women and expectant families around you. Because, like they say:

"Peace on earth begins at birth."

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