Chapter Books Recommended from One Parent to Another

I love reading. I think I always have.

When I was pregnant I started reading to my belly, and when our son was born, started reading to him while I nursed or walked or lay with him in bed.

My favorite thing to read to our kids has been chapter books; books I’m reading to myself (though the bigger they get, the less I read to them what I’m reading), or children’s chapter books. I can only read so many board books, one sentence a page picture books, or "first word" books. My sanity is on the line, ya know?

Mostly we read at bedtime. This has been a great routine with my son, and has generally worked to help him fall asleep. Though we traditionally read at bedtime, I’ve also read to the kids while they play and explore around, them listening to the story in the background while carrying out their toddler antics.

Over the months and years, we’ve read The Hobbit, The Harry Potter series, and a handful of others. These, though, have been a few of my favorite kid books to read my littles. Even though I'm picking a book for them, I usually pick what sounds good to me, and have seriously enjoyed all of these. Again, for my own sanity, I can only read so many traditionally toddler books in a day. Escaping into the chapter book world has done wonders for my parenting!

I hope you all in enjoy them too! (Also, this list is in no particular order.)

The Wild Robot, by Peter Brown

A story about a robot who lands on an island, and to survive needs to adapt to the animals around her. She has a hard time making friends and adjusting, but eventually she overcomes some obstacles and finds her place among nature. Such a beautiful story.

The Witches Boy, by Kelly Barnhill

Magic can be good or bad, depending on how you use it. One young boy finds himself in a tricky spot with magic, and makes friends with a wolf and young girl. Together, all three fight to escape bandits and a far away army to keep everyone safe. There is a little fighting and death in this book, so for kids who understand a little bit more about things than a three year old, proceed with a little bit of caution. The story is written very well, and is hard to put down!

The Girl who Drank the Moon, by Kelly Barnhill

Written by the same woman who wrote The Witches Boy, this story is about a witch who finds a babe in the woods just about yearly, and one year, this particular babe changes everything. A story about magic and love, discovery and forgiveness. I found it really hard to put this one down, and would catch myself reading it to my toddler well after he’d fallen asleep! I think it’s a must read!

Coraline, by Neil Gaiman

If you’ve seen the movie, you haven’t got a firm grasp on what the book entails. While both my children and I really love the movie, the book is its own amazing. Kind of creepy, this story is for sure a page turner, and hard to put down. Maybe I’d liken it to...a creepier version of Alice and Wonderland? Anyways, read all about Coraline’s “other mother” and her journey to a world she longs for, then desperately wants to come back from. What chapter books have you read to your children?! I'm always looking for suggestions and for a new read. [:

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