Big Feelings

We talk a lot about the Big Feelings that our kids have. And how its important to sit with them, and help them navigate there ever changing, ever new, emotional terrain.

And that's important.

But as a mother, I'm like, who's helping me navigate the emotional terrain of being a mother? Of being a parent? No one prepared me for dealing with all the feelings, all the really BIG feelings, all the not so nice feelings, of being a mother.

I love being filled with, well, love. I look at my kids sometimes and I just burst with happiness and love and joy. I like that feeling. I like who I am when I can be goofy and play and happy and smile and sing with my kids. These feelings dont need to be managed.

No one says, "Marissa, tone it down. Your love is too much right now."

Its those really hard, really BIG feelings of anger, frustration, sadness, bitterness, that I cant keep at bay. And that rise to the surface faster than you can say "What's wrong?"

My parenting journey, right now, is hard. Three kids, is hard. And I have no idea how to deal with my own emotions, yet am constantly helping them with theirs. Holding space for theirs.

So when we talk about helping our kids with their Big Feelings, I get it. But I need help with my own.

And, I'm willing to bet, there are many parents out there who think and feel the same as me.

And EVEN as I type this, I have no clue how to let people in, or how to reach out to people to create a community of overworked, over tired parents who feel this exact way.

But damnit, I see you. And I hear your Big Feelings. And I'm always here to commiserate, to listen, to be with you, when you feel like no one else really is.

Your Big Feelings as a parent matter too.

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