Bellingham Freeze: I'm a little guilty, are you?

When you see people on the street or at the store, do you say hi? Or wave?

Or, like a lot of people, do you instantly look away? Look down at your phone?

I was listening to NPR around the Seattle Freeze, about how people there just aren't very friendly. I couldn't help but think, "yeah, sounds about right."

I do try and smile at people, to say hi as I walk past them, but after attempting an awkward salutation, and not having someone reciprocate, it kind of deters you from doing it towards other people.

"For the uninitiated, the Seattle Freeze is a term that refers to the difficulty newcomers seem to have making friends when they first move to Seattle. Seattleites guilty of perpetrating the Freeze have been described as “cold, standoffish, and flaky,” showing “a general lack of interest” in making new friends or talking to strangers. There are plenty of theories as to why there is a Seattle Freeze, but needless to say it made Susan’s attempt to make new friends difficult." -NPR

Probably having this sort of mentality isn't helping myself grow my own doula business. And to make it even more relatable, its not helping people make friends as adults. Which we all know is pretty hard. Right?! I mean, way harder than it needs to be...

So, when you see someone on the street, join me in getting past that really awkward wave and nod; just do it! Its always nice to have someone say hello. And who knows. Maybe it'll thaw where you live, too. [:

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