Baby Surprise!

How often do you think it is that people wait to find out the sex of their baby until their Birth Day? Based on the conversations alone with people I have, I'd say about hardly any people want to wait.

(A little survey was done, and this one one persons findings. Its interesting, but by no way true of every population, right?)

Its too exciting to start calling them by the name you pick out (or only having to think of a certain gender of name!), to look for certain clothes, buy little knick knacks that are maybe a little gender specific, and all that. People like to be prepared.

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Then there are people like me, who decided that with both pregnancies, we'd wait to find out their sex until birth. And that was seriously so magical. Hearing my husband say "Its a boy!" after birthing our son was amazing. There isn't a lot a partner can do during pregnancy in terms of the baby, right? They cant surprise us with a pregnancy test, or feel the baby kicking for the first time. But when my husband got to be the first to tell me what we had, it just felt so wonderful.

The whole nine months, not once did I wish we knew what the baby was. I wasn't really curious. What will be, will be. Right?

Family and friends, on the other hand, were a little more anxious than we were. No one knew what to buy us. "Its so hard to find gender neutral clothes!" they would tell us. Um...I think what they meant was "we don't want to buy grey clothes for your baby, and people clearly want to know whether you have a boy or a girl." Boo. I hated it. I hated hearing no one knew what they should gift us. And...who cares if strangers don't know their sex?

Grey is an amazing color. I think 80% of my clothes are grey. Haha. Why wouldn't it be okay for a baby to wear grey?! But you know what? When I started looking for clothes at the store, too, I would pick up a onesie thinking how adorable, but then say on the pocket, in tiny writing "handsome dude". Well, that wont work for a girl, not really. Or finding what seemed gender neutral, then turning the onesie over and finding ruffles galore. That's probably not what I'd put a boy in.

So, it really was tricky. But not as tricky as others thought. The world apparently just needs to make sure our kids scream a gender. *rolling my eyes*

Also, we were plenty prepared for both babies when they came. We had cute little blankets that had animals on them, onesies that were grey or dark blue or teal, two names picked for if it was a boy or a girl. We had everything we needed. The diaper bag we got was gifted, but who says having a boy means you need a manly themed diaper bag? I'm a woman, so carrying a pick bag isn't a big deal. (Ours was teal, but that's not the point!)

Anyways, no matter the way you do it, finding out right away, or waiting until birth, you do what's right for you. Like most things in life. If you wanna know, then find out. If you feel like you don't want to know, but are worried you'll get flack from those around you, whatever.

You. Do. You.

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