Baby Sleep

I've seen so much recently about our babes and their sleep.

That it needs to be fixed. Regimented. Timed. Managed.

Why though? Is it because we, as parents, cannot manage without this schedule? That OUR sleep is more important than theirs?

Certainly, to be the best parent I can be, I need some sleep. To care for another life I need to be on my toes, I need to be rested. But...maybe what would fix that, is not resisting my babe.

Maybe if I went to bed at the same time as my baby. If I slept with baby in my bed. If I wore my baby to sleep. If I fed my baby to sleep. The list probably goes on.

Our babies aren't being assholes on purpose. They aren't waking up to spite us, and infuriate us. They're acting like, well, babies. They're functioning and surviving the way biology is telling them to. There are safe guards within them so that survival is more successful. Makes sense. These are need driven beings.

So maybe what needs to happen is we look within, and really ask "why do I need my baby on a schedule? To sleep a certain way?" Maybe we need to be sleep trained. Trained to attune and listen to our intelligent babies.

Maybe we need to surrender to what it means to be a parent. Especially of a young being. To not resist an early bed time. To really look deep and find the roots to some of our beliefs, and why we do what we do. Are we not co sleeping because we're told its unsafe? Are we not nursing our babes to sleep because we're told its unhealthy? Look deep.

Each situation is different. Everyone parents the way they do. But your baby isn't broken. They just haven't conformed to our rigid way of being.

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