Baby Registry!

You're sitting at your computer, making a list of things you'd like for baby, trying to suss out things you need and things you want. Of course you want cute little outfits, some little toys and other baby essentials like soap and diapers.

Your mind wanders to a friend whose baby was born a few weeks ago, and they hired a doula, but its just not in your budget right now. All your friend could do was say how awesome their doula was, and how they added so much to their pregnancy and birthing experience. This sounds great! But again, its just not in the budget.

Why not add the Doula fee to your registry?!

Couples get married and ask for money for their honeymoon. Friends, family and co-workers gift couples money without having even been asked for it, and specify that its for their honeymoon. The same can be done for a baby registry and doula fee!

We spend thousands on our dream weddings; ordering flowers, catering the food, paying photographers, booking the venue, the wedding dress and other outfits. So much time and energy goes into a wedding; a one day event. Using your registry to pay for a doula is so smart, as it goes not towards just one day, but weeks, or even months, of support, depending on when you hire them.

Increase your chances for a positive birth by hiring a doula. Your baby should be born into as positive, warm and loving space as they can be. [: People who contribute will feel so great they could make your journey all the more supported.

Add "Doula Support Fee" to your registry. You wont regret it.

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