Baby Catching

I've had two of my own babes so far, and neither one did I catch.

As I approach the birth of my third babe, I want no one else to touch them before me, and I want to be the one to catch them as they emerge; as we are born together, mother and baby. One becomes two.

I'm sure my lovely midwives had asked me during a prenatal if I wanted to catch my babies, and I'm sure I said no. I didn't know a ton about birth, especially with my first, other than that I wanted to have baby out of hospital, in a birth center.

I think there might be a fear around catching out babies. We think, "I'll drop them", "they'll be too slippery", "I wont want to", "I wont know how to", and probably more realistically "this is why I hired a professional to be at my birth. To catch my baby. That is their job."

I think biologically speaking, its OUR job to catch OUR babies. To be the first to touch and hold them. Not someone else. For their first introduction to the world to be the person who carried them, who grew them, who birthed them, not the provider who chose.

Did your provider ever ask you if this is something you wanted? Did they explain to you that you CAN do this? Did you ask about it, and they shrugged it off? Were you the one to welcome your baby?

More power should be given us during the birth of our babes, and birth of ourselves as mothers. Maybe the conversation around catching our babes would help inspire more confidence in us, and even the whole of our labor, if we talked about it during prenatal visits.


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