All the Gadgets

How many times I see Moms asking in Mom Groups; "What do I need for my baby?!" Or even asking "What do I ACTUALLY need for when baby gets here?!"

I think these baby gadgets have their place. And that's only because they're place holders for the community that we no longer have.

I'm not condemning them (the swings, carriers, wraps, bouncers, etc.), or you; You being the mom, or soon to be mother, who relies on these items to get them through the day. I hear you. I see you. I ache for you. For us all, really.

Photo by Charles Deluvio on Unsplash

For the mom who uses the fancy or not so fancy swing so that they can get dinner ready.

For the mom who uses the carrier/wrap so that they can work around the house and out of the house with both hands, yet still have baby one little held tilt away from a kiss.

Turn the TV or Tablet or Phone on so we can just have a minute of not engaging with our kids so our own cup can fill just a drop or two.

Our mothers, sisters, friends, should be at an arms length to help us during motherhood, not all these things we accumulate. All the things pushed at us to make it easier.

Aunts could be holding babies and playing with toddlers while we bustle around the house. While we work from home.

Grandmas could be holding baby at night so we can get some rest.

Friends could be right there to watch the babes while we go out to run errands.

So, what I'm really saying, is that because we have no more community, no more closeness with the other women in our lives, we integrate the gadgets into our lives.

And I wish it was different.

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