Ah! Choosing a Provider!

You're pregnant. Congratulations!

Now what do you do? Time to pick a provider.

Sometimes this can be a little overwhelming. Bellingham is SUCH an amazing place to birth, as you have so many options. And options mean choosing the provider that you feel most comfortable with, not one you're stuck with for lack of option.

Do. Not. Rush. Into finding a provider. Shop around, if that's what you feel is best for you. My husband and I met with one midwife team, and instantly fell in love. For us, that worked. We knew we wanted them straight off. Some people need more time, and to meet and see other providers and facilities.

So. When you're choosing a provider, I think you should pick someone who your intuition screams "Yes! That's the one!", because having any hesitation on a provider could lead you to not experiencing the kind of birth you want, or the atmosphere you want during your birth.

Sometimes part of choosing a provider is not only the philosophies they hold, but also the environment they work in. In Bellingham, you have so many choices, so really, don't down play this! If you have a hesitation about the location, that could also correspond with some of your overall satisfaction of your birth. I'm not saying it 100% will, I just think where we choose to birth is a big deal, and feeling safe and comfortable are important when in labor. (This can also be avoided with a home birth, if you're able. Just saying!)

This being said, some people are find that the location they labor in is more important than the provider, and vise versa. If this is you, then that's also fine! Birth is so individual. And at the end of the day, you are going to want what you want. And to be honest, there are ways around some of this. (Maybe...hiring a doula? Totally.)

And you know, your sense of safety and comfortability might not be the same as your best friend, or you mother, or your sister. You are you, and have a totally different style. So its nice when someone recommends a place or provider, truly it is, but going to that location, be it birth center or hospital, and feeling it out yourself is important.

Obviously, I'm talking about the ideal situation here. You may find a provider or place you want to birth, but then maybe risk out further into your pregnancy. Or have to transfer before/during labor. This can be really disappointing. And a doula can really help ease this transition.

But for the sake of this blog, if you're able to choose what you want at the beginning, Bellingham has such an amazing birth scene; you're going to be in amazing hands, no matter what. [:

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