You may be asking yourself...

What is a Doula? 

A Doula is a person who provides emotional, physical and informational support for a pregnant person and their partner. I want you to feel empowered and strong, like the warrior you are. I am here to help create as positive a birth experience as can be for you and your new family. Doulas may seem to possess magical properties; helping to make labors shorter, coping with pain easier and contributing to the birthing person feeling an overall safeness with us. While all of this is amazing, and true, having a Doula does not guarantee a complication free birth, or even a positive birth. But we can certainly be a rock for a birthing person and their partner, and help them make informed decisions during labor.

Why YOU as OUR Doula?

I love all things pregnancy and birth. It is amazing how people discover something about themselves, or their relationship to their partner, during this time. I don't believe birth should be done alone, or without someone there to you during your incredibly hard and rewarding moment. There are so many unknowns to any birth, that having someone there to help guide you, to affirm your choices, to nudge you along with an "its okay, I see where you're going and its okay, follow your instincts", is crucial and necessary. I want, and would be honored, to be the person to embark on this journey along side you.

But what if I already have a birth Partner?

That is wonderful! Doulas do not exist to take the role of anyone during a birth. Having your partner there is amazing, and they should be there. Yes, I am there to offer support, not just to the person laboring, but to their partner as well. Birth affects them too! Neither of you has been in this specific moment before, and I am there to support you both emotionally and physically. I am there to support you both by answering any questions you ask during labor to the best of my knowledge. To create a safe environment for you to bring a life into this world. ​

Isn't my partners support enough?

The last thing you want is to be alone, or feel alone, when delivering your baby. But your partner needs time to take care of themselves; bathroom breaks, nap breaks, updating family breaks. As your doula, I'm there to make sure you have someone with you the whole time. That there is never a sense of aloneness. 

This day isn't solely about you though. Your partner plays a part as well! They can feel overwhelmed in such a new moment; they hear and see you in the throws of labor pain, and this can be hard to watch. A doula can help strengthen them, let them know that this is normal, or that there are professionals in the room who know exactly what they are doing, and will take care of their person to the best of their ability.

Partners shouldn't have to feel responsible for holding space for us during this journey. Having someone else to relay fears to, hopes, wishes, desires, can be freeing for both pregnant person and partner. You know? Thats another bonus of me as your doula.

A doula can also help involve partners more; showing them how and where to provide touch and comfort measures. When to give the laboring person a drink of water, or a little snack to provide energy. A doula is reminding, and guiding partners to be as active as they want, or need to be. We are a team.



Marissa Peterson
Bellingham, WA