Childbirth Education.

I don't think we need to learn a whole lot to have a baby. You probably made one without really needing to educate yourself, right? You can birth a baby without someone telling you what to do, when to do it, how to do it. However, a little knowledge can help put you at ease, and ground you in what birth can look like.

Engaging with someone else about your journey, who also knows birth, can also feel really relieving. 

And you know, this is just another step to creating your village. To finding someone to connect with about birth and motherhood and knowing you have an outside support who wants to do just that; support you.

Online Classes

For social distancing while the virus has us house bound. These classes are the same as the 4 week series and weekend class options listed below, but are instead virtual! 

$100.00 or Barter per pregnant person registered.

For those families who want to take a class but cant spare extra money from being out of work (or fear of) due to the virus, I'm taking donations so they can take a class.

4 Week Series - Wednesday Evenings - 6PM to 8:30PM


Group or private classes offered. A private four week series session is amazing, as it can be held in YOUR home. Whoever you plan to have at your birth, be it your partner, family member, friend or even child, can attend. Group classes are also great, as you then get to interact with other people and hear different perspectives/questions.

$175.00 per pregnant person (Your support team is more than welcome!)

Weekend Class - Saturday and Sunday- 10Am to 3PM

Condensing the 4 week series into a single weekend.

Just like the four week series, a private weekend class can be done in YOUR home, and whoever you plan to have at your birth, be it your partner, family member, friend or even child, can attend! 

$175.00 per pregnant person (Your support team is more than welcome!)

Personalized Sessions


Maybe you're first time parents, and you don't feel you want some of the information that you'll get in the full sessions. Maybe this class is something meant more for your partner than for you, or vise versa. Maybe you're a second, third, forth, fifteenth time parent, and you only want a refresher about a few things. 

Get in touch with me about creating your own class, finding topics we can explore together concerning your journey.


**Weekend Class:

July 11th

August 8th

September 12th

October 10th

**4 Class Series Every Wednesday:

July 1st - 22nd

August 5th - 26th

September 2nd - 23rd

*October 7th - 29th

**All classes being offered online during the Covid - 19 pandemic.
* Octobers 4 week series will end on a Thursday, not Wednesday!



Marissa Peterson
Bellingham, WA