In class we discuss all you want to know about pregnancy, labor and the postpartum period. What we really hone in on is:

. Pregnancy Questions

. Stages of Labor

. Comfort measures

. Interventions - Medical and Physical

. Welcoming Baby

. Postpartum You

Taking this class will help you better understand what is happening inside your body, how to cope with the changes of pregnancy and labor, and how to communicate with your partner in a way you probably never have. Whats even better is that these classes are held in YOUR house! An intimate class in a place you feel most comfortable is way better for learning, don't you think? 


Your Simply Natural Doula, Marissa, is delighted to offer this service, and is excited to facilitate prenatal education to expecting parents. Go into your labor informed and prepared.

4 Week Series - Wednesday Evenings - 2.5 to 3 Hours

This is a four week series offering the full spectrum of what to prepare for during pregnancy and birth, with a focus on labor and postpartum. This class is for people wanting a home, birth center or hospital birth, though will focus a little bit more on natural childbirth and supporting an unmedicated labor and birth.

$250.00 - $350.00 per pregnant person (Your support team is more than welcome!)

Weekend Class - Afternoons - 4 to 6 Hours

This weekend series is a little more condensed. We focus on Communication, Comfort and Postions, and Birth: The Process, The Pain and the Positions. Sometimes its nice to have one day of childbirth learning, as work schedules can be hard to work around during the week. Weekends we usually spend time together with our loved ones, so this can be great partner bonding time.

$175.00 per pregnant person (Your support team is more than welcome!)

Personalized Class

Maybe you're first time parents, and you don't feel you want some of the information that you'll get in your childbirth education class. Maybe you're a second, third, forth, fifteenth time parent, and you only want a refresher about a few things. YOU get to choose what you learn, and even better, you can learn from your home by a certified childbirth educator.

. Birth Partner Communication

. Hopes, Wishes, and a Written Plan

. Common Pregnancy Complaints

. Nutrition and Weight Gain

. Common Prenatal Testing 2nd 3rd Trimester

. Anatomy of Labor and Birth

. Squeeze, Squat, Squirm: GPS of Birth

. Fetal Position

. The Labor Process

. The Three States of Labor

. Trial of Labor and VBAC

. Non Medical Pain Relief and Comfort Measures 

. Medical Pain Relief

. Positions for Labor and Birth

. Interventions.

. The Welcoming Hour

. Postpartum Life


Weekend Class:

December 14th

January 11th

February 15th

4 Class Series Every Wednesday:

December 4th - 25th**

January 8th - 29th

February 5th - 26th****

** Holidays fall on or near these classes! We'll figure out as a class when to do the last class so as to accommodate holiday plans.

**** My own babe is due at the end of February, so we may have a week of two classes. [:



Marissa Peterson
Bellingham, WA