Childbirth Education.

This is a class focusing on out of hospital births, be they at a birth center, or home birth.

This is a class to help you prepare for your journey ahead. To offer a safe space for all pregnancy/birth/postpartum related questions.

This is a class with structure, but is also free to flow where the conversation may take us. Especially in a group setting, where often we hear questions we hadn't even thought to ask.


**4 Class Series Every Wednesday:

January 6th - 27th

February 3rd - 24th

March 3rd - 24th

April 1st- 22nd

May 6th - 27th

**All classes being offered online during the Covid - 19 pandemic.

4 Week Series - Wednesday Evenings - 6PM to 8PM


Group or private classes offered. A private four week series session is amazing, as it can be held in YOUR home. Whoever you plan to have at your birth, be it your partner, family member, friend or even child, can attend. Group classes are also great, as you then get to interact with other people and hear different perspectives/questions.

$175.00 per pregnant person (Your support team is more than welcome!)

Childbirth Class for the Support Team - Weekends - 2 Hours

With Covid still raging through the world, birthing people are only able to have TWO support people with them at their birth. Often, we want to share our births with family and friends. We want their love and support to surround us and engage with us during birth. As they should!

Now we are in a spot where we need to choose between having our sister, mother or friend attend us, OR a doula. Not both (in most cases.)

While I love witnessing and walking with women during birth, I want you to be the most at ease, surrounded by the two people you want most at your birth.

So this class is for them!

Veronica Degolier of Branches and Roots Doula Services and I are teaming up to teach a class where we cover the basics of a childbirth class, but also spend time getting your support team as ready as they can be for your birth. We answer questions, go over what birth looks like when fulfilling a support role, and especially comfort techniques for the pregnant woman.

$200.00 per pregnant person


$75.00 if you want to learn what supporting your person will look like, but want to come on your own.