Whatcom Birth Stories Podcast.

One thing I love most about listening to birth podcasts is hearing peoples stories. What they experienced during their pregnancy, labor and postpartum period, and how they perceived their experience. But what really gets me is when a story comes on from our state. And if we're lucky, maybe even from a city close by!

With this podcast, Whatcom Birth Stories, we'll be able to make decisions for our own births based on what our sisters and fellow birthing community has to say. You know? Getting to know midwives and OBs in our area through the lens of our neighbors, hearing both positive and negative stories alike to better aid us in our pregnancy journey and discovering what we do and do not want for our births.


How and where we give birth is important, and our stories stay with us for all our lives.

If you've given birth in Whatcom County, I'd love to hear your story. For you to share your experience with your community to create a stronger birth bond among everyone who has, and who will, give birth here. 

Telling your story is a gift, not just for others, but ourselves! Telling will only inspire others to take charge of their own experience, to be certain they are making the best decision for themselves and baby, and be comfortable with their choices.

Birth is unique, so while this podcast is meant to bring the birthy people of Whatcom County together, it's meant more to inspire us all to birth our way, and ultimately make decisions that we are comfortable with.



Marissa Peterson
Bellingham, WA