Whatcom Birth Stories Podcast.

Birth Stories are powerful. They can help us feel at ease with our own upcoming births, understand the culture in which we are birthing, and learn from those who have birthed before us. Also, who doesn't love listening to how a babe enters the world?

Hearing local stories, I believe, is especially important. While listening to this podcast, you'll learn about the birthing culture here in Whatcom County, gain perspective on providers, be they hospital based or out of hospital, and the options that are available to you during this powerful journey or pregnancy, birth and beyond.

There is so much to be offered in terms of birth, that so many people just aren't aware of. Listen to these stories of women around you; who you shop with, live by and work with. Hear what they have to say, so you can make the best choices for yourself and your baby.

Telling your birth story is powerful. It can be freeing to share your experience, whether or not it was enjoyable or positive. All stories hold power. All births are unique. Not one person will have the same experience, even within their own births, so take these stories as something to grow from, and learn from.

Enjoy listening to Whatcom Birth Stories, and if you'd like to share your birth story(s), get in touch!