I attended Western Washington University for about four years, attaining my bachelor of Arts in History, and a minor in Latin (super useful as a doula). During my time at school I worked a retail job, which is where I met my husband. About two and a half  years later we had our first baby.

We spend a lot of time together as a family; going for walks, watering our little garden and playing both inside and out. I love reading out loud to my babes, and when the stars align, I am able to read to myself and play computer or board games with my husband!

I have had three wonderful births of my own: a boy in 2015, and a girl in 2017 and another girl in 2020. My birth experiences were amazing, although this is not to be confused with "easy". All three were unmedicated, two being in a free standing birth center and limited to my Husband, Son (in the case of my daughter's birth), Doula and Midwives and my third at home unassisted with my husband, children and birthkeeper. These were such intimate and compassionate experiences for me, that they set me on my path towards becoming a Doula.

I feel that any woman should have the birth that she wants, and to know the options you have. Sometimes it takes someone creating the awareness for us to realize the potential our births have, and also the wisdom within ourselves.

I am so proud to be one of the doulas in Bellingham, WA, supporting families in both Whatcom and Skagit county. And I would be honored to be your doula.